Come tour the fabulous and far-fetched world of classical diva album cover art -- vinyl only, no CDs.

During the five decades of the LP's golden age, thousands of women of all levels of talent and fame documented their vocal artistry in solo recital and opera recordings. These cultural relics give us time-warp glimpses into the graphic design trends and coiffure styles of bygone eras and far-off cultures. In every country from Argentina to Yugoslavia some tortured art director struggled with how to present to the public an image of the diva that would both sell her record and satisfy her ego. How can one capture in one square foot the diva's elevated art and alluring essence?

This collection is extensive: the site galleries contain over 2500 covers representing 1200+ divas. That's a lot of hairspray. The focus here is primarily on the cover designs, but what rests beneath them can't be neglected: the music. So, herein you'll find opinions, observations, recommendations, and dire warnings in the detailed comments on each disc. We may buy some albums just for the covers, but it is nice to know what lurks underneath.


To peek at the "best of the best" covers in thematic galleries, or to see all the covers in complete alphabetical galleries, explore the category links in the menu at the right. Several prominent divas have their own galleries under the Golden Greats section.

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